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NEW: Recovery Boots – Model Portable – with battery and 6 chambers

The only machine on the market with a battery that can achieve a pressure of 240 mmHg.

Model Portable – 6-chamber boots (pair) with dynamic flow, cord protectors and 4 different programs. Includes YourBoots carrying bag.

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What can YourBoots do for you as an active athlete?

Recovery boots have been in use in the professional cycling World Tour for several years. We are now seeing them used in almost every sports. YourBoots’ mission is to offer EVERYONE – professionals as well as amateur athletes – a chance to own their own pair of recovery boots. 

The compression boots were originally developed for hospitals, where they are used to treat diabetes, poor blood circulation and oedema, as well as being used for recovery following surgery. They stimulate blood circulation through compression, which helps remove waste products and restore the natural supply of oxygen and blood to the leg muscles.

When the world of sports started to work actively with marginal gains, it was obvious that recovery was key, and one of the best ways to recover quickly is to increase blood circulation, which helps remove waste products and restore the natural supply of oxygen and blood to the muscles. Wearing the boots for 20 minutes corresponds to up to 48 hours of passive recovery.