What do YourBoots do for you?

Air compression, or vacuum therapy, is designed to treat lymphoedema, apoplexy and hemiparesis in hospitals. As with so many other areas of life, the world of sports has looked to technology to assist in the fight for better recovery. Today, athletes are well aware that a combination of sleep, the right diet and vitamin intake is the best path to recovery. However, it is not always easy to achieve optimum recovery. Time is limited before the next training session, and this is where recovery boots (YourBoots) come into the picture.

YourBoots increase blood flow in the muscles and ensure the ability of the lymph to move freely. Lymph fluid is transported around the body by means of our breathing and the movement of our muscles. Today we know that it is crucial for optimum recovery that the lymph is free to flow and is cleansed in the lymph nodes (nodules). The lymph nodes removes waste products from the cells as well as bacteria and viruses. The lymph fluid also absorbs fat and protein from the small intestine when we have eaten. Once the lymph has been cleansed in the lymph nodes, it flows back into the two large veins in the neck.

So, by combining those two things – increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage – you decrease your recovery time. Your legs feel lighter or, as bike riders say, you get “diamonds in the legs”.

In addition, the system affects the following:

  • Increases blood flow in muscles.
  • Increases firmness of skin.
  • Restless legs.
  • Counteracts swollen and sore muscles.
  • Alleviates cold feet.
  • Alleviates muscle tension.
  • Alleviates sore legs.
  • Shortens recovery time.

Before and after picture after of 20-min treatment with lymphatic drainage.

Before and after picture after of 60-min treatment with lymphatic drainage.