About YourBoots ApS

YourBoots ApS is a Danish company that sells to professionals and individuals at wholesale prices.

Service and integrity are our trademarks and we are always available, before and after you make a purchase, if you have any questions.

Behind YourBoots ApS are Sports Therapists trained in the use of recovery boots as part of ‘marginal gains’ opportunities. Having treated athletes who needed help with recovery, as well as clients with lymphedema after cancer surgery, nerve disorder after a herniated disc, restless legs or pain in the legs on a daily basis, it made sense to establish YourBoots ApS and give everyone an opportunity to treat themselves – at a good price.

About the product

  • The machines were developed according to the same principle that is used in hospitals, where the system is known as FlowTron.
  • All models are CE- and RoHS-certified and approved for use by private individuals, i.e. they do not require technical skills or professional training. It is non-medical equipment for use at home.
  • The Pro, Pro+, Upgrade and Ultimate models are equipped with pressure sensors. The Basic model has a pressure regulator, which allows you to adjust the pressure inside the boot.
  • The treatment is completely harmless and you cannot do anything wrong. If you are pregnant, have an aneurysm or are being treated for blood clots, you should consult your doctor before using air therapy.
  • Recommended application time is 30-90 min. at a time x 2.

A – B – C – D – E – F programs (only A – B – C in the Pro machine)

  • Program A: (MASSAGE) pressure from the foot towards the heart, alternating chambers.
  • Program B: (LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE) pressure from foot towards the heart, keeping the pressure until all chambers are filled.
  • Program C: (DOUBLE MASSAGE) pressure from the foot towards the heart, two chambers at a time.
  • Program D: (FULL SQUEEZE) provides full pressure in all chambers simultaneously and lets go at the same time.

Suggested pressure:

  • For lymphoedema: 20 – 90 mmHg (for treatment of illness), Program B.
  • Lymphatic drainage: 90 – 240 mmHg (healthy individuals), Program B.
  • Deep-tissue muscle treatment: 180 – 240 mmHg (healthy individuals), Program A –C – D – E – F.