No more ice bags, tea towels, pressure dressings or hard gel packs!

Say welcome to COOL❄️ YourBoots. Soft, exquisite, ice-cold compression 360 degrees round your thigh, knee, ankle, elbow, or wherever you may need it. Our COOLER❄️ consists of the finest gel (40% water), wrapped in superb neoprene. You simply wear it directly on your skin, and you can actually keep exercising while wearing it, as – even when it is directly out of the freezer – it will follow the movements of your body.

If you go for an ice-bath effect, our FULL-LENGTH sleeves will be the solution for you (only available in pairs). Remove the sleeves from the freezer and wear them directly on both legs. You then pull your YourBoots over the sleeves and set the mechanism to 2-5 minutes at program D – your legs will then be cooled down to a surface temperature of 12 degrees (similar to ice-bath temperature). The obvious advantage is that you neither get wet, nor need to empty your tub for water and ice. (The product is delivered with directions for use).

Cryotherapy, injury treatment, pain relief or simply for cooling down of muscles – COOL❄️ YourBoots covers the whole spectrum – with or without your Boots, for additional compression.

If you take good care of your COOL❄️, it will last for many years – put it in the freezer after each treatment. After 1-2 hours, it will again be ready for use.

Every COOLER❄️ is hand-made and, thus, sizes may vary a bit. The material being very resilient and flexible means that several sizes will fit.

Practical information

COOL* YOURBOOTS has been developed for swift cool-down of the muscles after exercising as well as for easy therapy in connection with minor injuries. Can be used in your YOURBOOTS or as a cold compression.


  • Put your COOL* YOURBOOTS in the freezer for a minimum of 1-2 hours.
  • In the freezer, always make sure to keep your COOL* YOURBOOTS in the protective plastic bag.
  • Remove your COOL* YOURBOOTS from the freezer and the protective bag, and it’s ready for use.
  • Put on your COOL* YOURBOOTS where needed, and next put on YOURBOOTS (can also be used without air compression)
  • The gel in COOL* YOURBOOTS is soft and flexible, even after many hours in the freezer.
  • NEVER let your COOL* YOURBOOTS get wet. Ordinary sweat and condensation will disappear when you leave COOL* YOURBOOTS to air-dry on a towel after use.
  • Pack your COOL* YOURBOOTS in their protective bag when entirely dry, and then – to make them ready for use again – put them back into the freezer.
  • Do not use any fabric under your

COOL*YOURBOOTS. The special gel and the thin neoprene will look after your skin.

Your COOL* YOURBOOTS is completely soft and ice-cold when you remove it from the freezer.

If you intend to use it for an ICE BATH or for injury therapy, you put it on directly. If you use for ordinary cooling down of your muscles after exercising, you can leave it for 5 minutes before putting it on. You can safely carry out your relaxation/stretching-out exercises while wearing your COOLER*, as it will follow the movements of your body and is soft and flexible. It will keep cold for 20-30 minutes.

Are you going to use your COOL* YOURBOOTS Full Length for ICE BATHS (Cryotherapy), you put them on both legs, making sure that your ankles are covered. Then you pull on your BOOTS over the COOL* YOURBOOTS and set the mechanism for Program D (or Program B if your device does not feature the D option), pressure is set for 90 mmHg and time for 2-5 minutes.

You will now make a 12-degree Celsius surface cooling of your legs. We recommend experience with ICE BATHS, as this is a highly efficient therapy.

Just as after an ordinary ICE BATH, your skin will subsequently be cold and maybe surface red. This will disappear again.

Take care to prevent your COOL* YOURBOOTS from becoming wet, as the gel will absorb water and, therefore, change its structure. Any condensation or sweat you may develop will be of no consequence. When you no longer need your COOLER*, you leave it out to dry. When dry, you put it back into the protective bag, in which it was delivered, and then put it back into the freezer. After a few hours, it will again be ready for use.

Should your COOLER* be punctured, it can no longer be applied and must be disposed of.