Recovery Boots – Model Portable – with battery and 6 chambers


The only machine on the market with a battery that can achieve a pressure of 240 mmHg.

Model Portable – 6-chamber boots (pair) with dynamic flow, cord protectors and 4 different programs. Includes YourBoots carrying bag.



Our newest innovation tops all other battery-operated machines on the market! We have prioritized the size, battery, weight and our new Program C (Pulse). The 6 chambers in the boot not only provide great blood circulation and lymphatic flow, but also a qualified massage. This machine is for individuals on the go who need to be able to use their machine anywhere without depending on an electrical outlet and electricity. The powerful engine makes the machine very suited for muscle treatment as well.

Program A: (MASSAGE) pressure from the foot towards the heart, alternating chambers.

Program B: (LYMPHPATIC DRAINAGE) fills from the foot towards the heart, keeps the pressure until the entire boot is filled.

Program C: (PULSE) fills each chamber and gives each chamber 3 pulsating squeezes before continuing to move up the leg.

Program D: (FULL SQUEEZE) provides full pressure in all chambers simultaneously and fills slowly (occlusion-like).


16 levels for pressure adjustment. 

Green zone:                       Levels 1–4.          30–90 mmHg.       Light, comfortable treatment.

Orange zone:                     Levels 5–12.        100–200 mmHg.   Firm to deep treatment.

Red zone:                           Levels 13–16.      210–240 mmHg.   Deep treatment.


Boot selection: (choose boot size when adding to the basket)

  • STANDARD boots: inside boot: 86 cm; typically fit individuals who are between 160 and 175 cm tall.
  • LONG boots: inside boot: 93 cm; typically fit individuals who are between 175 and 185 cm tall.
  • XL boots: inside boot: 100 cm; typically fit individuals who are over 185 cm tall.


Includes carrying bag, cord protectors, dust bag and manual.

Massage types: 4 types: A, B, C, D

Control: touch keyboard

Display: LED indicator

Size: 220*140*90 mm

Input voltage: 220V/50Hz

Power consumption: 14W

Treatment time: 1~99 minutes

Pressure area: Levels 1–16 30 ~240 mmHg (tolerance ±20 mmHg)

Channels: 6 chambers (for 6 airbags)

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  1. Ville

    As a triathlonist, recovering from demanding workouts is crucial. It makes big difference how hard and often you can practice in high quality way.

    Once I started to use Yourboots, I’ve recovered faster and been able to exercise more efficiently, giving better performance in race days.

    I highly recommend these to anyone who’s looking to enhance their recovery and performance.

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