Recovery Boots – Model Pro – 4 chambers

499.00 449.00

Pro model – 4 chamber boots with Dynamic Flow and 3 different programs. Includes YourBoots bag.



For athletes and therapists who need a machine with additional capacity and functions.

The Pro model has 3 programs: A: massage B: lymphatic drainage and C: two-step massage.

Pressure can be adjusted from 30 to 250 mmHg and time can be adjusted between 10, 20 and 30 min.

The 4 chambers can be turned on and off independently of each other, allowing for optimal treatment of specific muscles or areas and deselection of areas, e.g. due to surgical wounds or other injuries that cannot tolerate treatment.

Choice of Boots: (write your choice of boots in the comments box)

  • Standard Boots is 86 cm in stride and typical fits a height up to 185 cm.
  • XL Boots is 100 cm in stride and fits a height higher than 185 cm.

Post-training recovery treatment is typically 30 min. on Program B. Let the machine start up on the pre-set pressure and gradually adjust upwards as needed.