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One set comprises 2 sleeves with a rechargeable operating unit and a charger with 2 outputs.

The sleeves are applied as a replacement for or a supplement to support/elastic stockings.

Should always be used during flights or longer drives for the prevention of embolisms and liquid-charged swellings of the lower extremities (lower legs).

Likewise, the sleeves are very useful for wheelchair users, patients confined to their beds, and similar instances of restricted movability.

TRAVEL is supplied in a YourBoots cloth bag.



TRAVEL YourBoots Sleeves:

  • Continual pulsation at a pressure between 0 and 90mmHg. Thus, there will never be a permanent compression pressure for longer periods at a time, but – by contrast – it will be a comfortable pulsation that will resemble the body’s own rhythmical pumping movements.
  • Can be applied under the user’s clothing, with and without stockings, and should be used in every sedentary situation.
  • Equipped with 2 air chambers and a small rechargeable control unit to secure approximately 6-8 hours’ circulation of the lower leg before recharging will be required.
  • Has 1 programme. If you are already familiar with our YourBoots, you will recognise this as Programme B.


  • Chamber 1 will be filled and retain its pressure, while chamber 2 will also be inflated to a pressure of 90mmHg. Next, both chambers will be deflated, and, 5 seconds later, the inflation will begin again. The sleeves will be activated by keeping the pushbutton depressed for 3 seconds, and deactivation will follow the same procedure. Thus the sleeves are highly useful for weak or rheumatic hands.

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